How to find the security code of the audio device HONDA?

Try to find the sticker with the security code in the car

If you have a service / warranty book from an authorized dealer, then you are lucky, the code must be written by hand or there is a sticker on the first spread of the cover in a special box called the "Car radio code". Some dealers stick a sticker with the unlock code on one of the sun visors, namely, on the mirror or on the sun visor mirror cover. It is also possible to place this sticker in another place, for example, in the glove compartment on the passenger side. Carefully inspect all possible places.

What should I do if I could not find the sticker and there is no unlock code in the service book?

We can help you recover the audio unlock security code. The cost of the service is 15 $. We changed the payment order, now you need to pay after checking the code! To request an security code, fill out the application at the bottom of the page or write Viber / WhatsApp +7 (924) 600-60-22 right away. We work from 04-00 to 20-00 Moscow, you can write around the clock 24/7

To restore the unlock code you will need:

  • serial number radio tape recorder,
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
  • in some cases, a photograph of the head unit of the audio system and the sticker on the case (for example, for the Gathers tape recorder)

How to find the serial number of the audio system?

Most often, it is more convenient and faster to display the serial number on the screen using a combination of keystrokes:

  • Turn the ignition switch to position II. Make sure that the audio system is turned off, otherwise you need to forcibly turn off by pressing the on / off button. Using the radio station selection buttons, press buttons 1 and 6 simultaneously, then hold them down and press the on / off button of the audio system (short press). The audio serial number, consisting of 8 (eight) digits, will appear on the display.
  • For cars Honda Accord 2003 - 2007 onwards with navigation, instead of buttons 1 and 6, press and hold the buttons SEEK / SKIP and CH / DISC. The display will first show the letter U with the first 4 digits of the serial number (for example, U1234), then the letter L with the second 4 digits of the serial number (for example L5678) will appear. The letters U and L do not notice, we consider only the numbers. Thus the serial number of this radio will be 12345678.
  • If there are no radio station selection buttons on the car (eg Crosstour, Accord 2013), using the DISP and BACK buttons, simultaneously press these buttons, then hold them down and press the on / off button of the audio system and hold, then a menu will appear. points. See the video below for each model in more detail (constantly updating)
  • For some systems (with navigation), the order of the serial number search is different from the ones described above: with the ignition off, press and hold the three buttons of the navigation system MAP / GUIDE, MENU, CANCEL. Turn on the ignition, after the service menu appears on the navigation monitor, release the buttons. In this menu, select the menu “UNIT CHECK”, then “NAVI ECU” in it the last line will be “Serial No.” this is the serial number of navigation.

If you are unable to display the serial number on the screen using the methods described above, then the last option is to remove the radio and see the serial number on the sticker on the corus. As a rule, before it is written "serail", "SN", "S / N", "SERIAL NUMBER". If there are any letters in front of the numbers - they are not needed, write down only the numbers.

For Gathers audio systems, in any case, a photo of the sticker on the audio system case is required, so you have to take it off. Currently, for Gathers audio systems, we are not restoring codes for all models, so for the possibility of restoration specifically for your audio system model, see the special Gathers section below.

How to unlock the audio system Gathers?

Please note that at present we can recover the code not for all types of recorders Gathers.

100% can restore the code to:

  • Gathers VXM-135 VFNi (original number 08A40-5R0-400 (401), model CN-NVAMS9912, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN, FREED),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VFi (original number 08A40-5S0-420, model CQ-UH03J1CJ, installed on HONDA VEZEL),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VSi (original number 08A40-5S0-430, model CQ-UH03J2CJ, installed on HONDA FIT HYBRID, FIT SHUTTLE, NWGN),
  • Gathers VXM-145 C (original number 08A40-5S0-440, model CQ-XH03J0CJ, is installed on the HONDA FIT),
  • Gathers VXM-145 VFNi (original number 08A40-5S0-400 (401), model CQ-UH04J0CJ, installed on HONDA FIT, VEZEL),
  • Gathers VXM-155 VSi (original number 08A40-5T0-430, model CQ-UH04J4CJ, installed on HONDA FREED, VEZEL, NWGN),
  • Gathers VXM-165 VFi (original number 08A40-5U0-420, model CQ-UH05J2CJ, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN SPADA),
  • Gathers VXM-175 VFi (original number 08A40-5W0-420, model CN-SHY6J2CJ, installed on the HONDA FIT),
  • Gathers VXM-185 VFNi (original number 08A40-5X0-400, model CN-SHY7J0CJ, installed on the HONDA STEPWGN RP).

For other models please send request! As experience emerges in unlocking new models, we will add to the list.

Write on Viber, WhatsApp +7 (924) 600-60-22 for more detailed advice. You will need a photo of the front side of the head unit and a photo of the sticker on the case with the necessary data.


You can not restore the code on my car stereo, what should I do?

If your radio tape recorder is included in the list of those that we do not yet have the opportunity to unlock (for example, Gathers VXM-174), you have several options. The first is to find an electrician who can read the dump from the memory chip of the radio and calculate the code (disassembly is required, it is possible to solder the chips, the price of the issue is from 30 $). The second option is to write an official request to the car manufacturer yourself on the site http: / This method can be carried out only if the radio is a regular radio tape recorder, otherwise it will not work. The third option - if you do not want to bother with writing a request yourself, we can do it for you. You will need a photo sticker on the radio, a photo of the passport / certificate of registration. They usually do not respond quickly and the request takes an average of 3 to 14 days, be prepared to wait. Payment for this service also upon verification of the sent code is 15 $.

How to enter the code you sent?

Enter the code by pressing the radio station selection keys with the corresponding numbers. For example, they sent code 64131: you need to make short key presses on keys 6, 4, 1, 3 and again 1. After entering the last digit, the "pip" signal should sound and the audio system should work. If you enter a code and when entering the radio tape recorder, you emit a double beep and generate an error on the ERROR display, then you have already pressed other numbers before entering the code, start entering again. As a rule, before entering the code on the radio tape recorder, the word ENTER is lit, when you enter the first digit, C lights up, the second O, the third D, the fourth E, and when you enter the fifth digit, the sound signal sounds and the radio tape recorder starts to work.

I have a car for the American market, can you find out the code?

Yes, of course, we'll find out the code as we promise within 15 minutes! A big request, if your car is for the American market (not to be confused with the fact that the country of production of the USA car - the car could have been manufactured in the USA, but for example for delivery to the Russian market) then indicate this in circulation, because the codes for American cars may not coincide with the European.

Do you really restore the code without prepayment?

Yes this is true. As experience has shown, for the most part all clients are honest, thank you for it! Therefore, we decided to work without payment. Now everything is extremely simple: make a request, get a code, check. If the code came up - pay. Well, if the code does not fit, you send a video in which you can see how you enter the sent code and that it does not fit!

And I made a request, and you are not contacting me, why?

Pay attention to working hours. This is the only option when we do not respond immediately.

When you enter the code, nothing happens, what to do?

Most likely you entered the wrong code more than 10 times and the audio system was blocked to enter the code. Remove the negative terminal from the battery and wait about 5 minutes. Even after removing the terminals from the battery, the red ANTI-THEFT lamp on the radio tape recorder will continue to flash, you need to wait until it stops flashing, it will take from 2 to 5 minutes. After that, screw the battery terminal back and you will have 10 attempts again.

Radio Gathers does not allow to enter the code, some window with hieroglyphs is displayed, what to do?

Your audio system is temporarily blocked to enter a code. You need to leave it turned on for about 30 minutes, entering the code will again be available.

Is the code given to me one-time or permanent?

The radio unlock code that we gave you is permanent.